5G in Australia: What you need to know!

This is Part 1 is a series of updates about the upcoming technology shift called 5G. Stay tuned to learn all about it!

5G is almost here. Australian telcos have been trialling the next generation phone network for years now, but it’s finally right around the corner, with the first commercial services to go live in 2019.

There’s been plenty of ink spilled about how 5G could change self-driving cars, manufacturing, medicine, and more, but what about you and me? What will 5G mean on a day to day basis in terms of your smartphone and internet connection? Right now, there’s three popular answers:

– More reliable video streaming at a higher quality
– Faster fixed wireless internet
– Potentially replacing fixed wired internet solutions

While the potential of 5G is almost limitless right now – we’re talking about things like a surgeon operating on a patient thousands of kilometres away using a virtual reality headset and a robot – there’s currently no killer app that’s guaranteed to drive adoption. But that’s okay. We saw the same story unfold with 4G, with plenty of doubt about whether we’d need internet speeds ~this fast~ on a mobile network.

As 5G networks go live around the world next year, we’ll see people trying to take advantage of ultra-fast connectivity with new applications and technologies. And in the same way that 4G helped bring about real-time video streaming tools like Facebook Live and instant video sharing apps like Snapchat, we’ll surely see plenty of weird and wonderful technology brought to life by 5G.

Alex Choros – WhistleOut

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