Apple iPhone thought not to look at specs; Google teaches Consumers not to look at Design

google pixel 2 review

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The new Pixel 2 may not look as stylish like Apple’s iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxies, but it’s packed full of surprises!

The telephone separates itself with guarantees to prepare in Google’s powerful artificial-intelligence technology for speedy and simple access to helpful, even fundamental data. In any case, a great part of the flawless stuff will come later.


The Pixel 2 now features Google Lens, a method for searching Google just by pointing your camera at a landmark, object or anything on the facade. This can give you snappy access to reviews and store hours. It may help distinguish that secretive building you stroll by consistently. Google Lens will likewise haul out web locations and telephone numbers from signs so you can peruse or call with only a tap.


Last year’s Pixel had an extraordinary camera, however it missed the mark in a few shots since software processing influenced colours to look excessively solid and clean. With the Pixel 2, colors look great without looking fake.


Whenever locked, the phone consistently tunes in for tunes and identifies the name and artist. Google says this is done on the telephone itself, so it’s not sending your music tastes to its servers. Google says the battery deplete ought to be minimal.