Microsoft Edge Wins between Chrome and FireFox in Protecting users from Malware

Microsoft Edge logo

Microsoft Edge is a long way from the most popular web browser available, yet it takes top respects in no less than one category: blocking malware. NSS Labs directed tests in which it quantified how successful today’s leading browsers at shielding users from malware and typical phishing scams. In the two categories, Microsoft Edge beat the competition, and by a wide edge contrasted with the second and third-place finishers.

“Web browsers are the primary interface used to consume information and are among the most common entry point for attackers,” said Jason Brvenik, Chief Technology Officer for NSS Labs.

As indicated by NSS Labs’ findings Edge blocked 92 percent of phishing scams, and upset 100 percent of SEM assaults that were sent its direction. As per the research firm, the SEM assault vectors that it screwed included email accounts, traps scamming clients to download malware, online networking snares (by means of Twitter and Facebook) and false warnings identifying with issues with a client’s PC.

Chrome, which is by a long shot the most well-known web browser on the planet, blocks 74 percent of phishing assaults and 88 percent of SEM assaults. Firefox was consigned to third place, piling on scores of 61 percent and 70 percent respectively.

NSS Labs likewise performed cross-platform testing of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome also. For example, Microsoft Edge was tried on both the more open Windows 10 and the more secure Windows 10 S working frameworks. Similarly, Google Chrome was tried on the two Windows 10 and on Chrome OS. In any case, they were no huge contrasts in scoring that were found by using those separate programs on the more prohibitive Windows 10 S and Chrome OS.

For those that may feel that NSS Labs is rounding up dough from one company (i.e. Microsoft) to fund these examinations, you can delete that idea from your mind. The firm says that it doesn’t get funds from Microsoft or Google as per MSPowerUser.

Despite the test discoveries, which vigorously support Microsoft, minimal possibility it will do much to enhance Microsoft Edge’s remaining with customers. Last time anyone checked, Microsoft Edge has 5.15 percent of the worldwide browser market share. Then again, Google Chrome is holding firm with 59.61 percent as indicated by NetMarketShare as of September 2017.