Top 5 smartphone Apps that can increase your Productivity

Smartphones cannot be called “smart” without the Applications installed on them. Everything from the Camera to the Weather app were programmed designed to help you in your everyday mobile ventures. But do you know that there are a many Apps out there that can help you increase productivity?

Top 5 Awesome Apps that can increase your Productivity

  1. Keeper (Apple and Android) – This app enables you to work hard without having to take involuntary breaks you hunt down missing passwords.
  2. Asana – This is one of the most essential project-management app you can download. It delegate tasks and check the status of your projects from one central dashboard.
  3. Evernote – This app allows you to store, edit and tag documents for effortless organization. You can access your notes whenever, wherever you are!
  4. Producteev – It is a powerful task management program, allows you to easily assign tasks to other team members, as well as hold them accountable.
  5. Box – Is a cloud storage system that helps you track your projects in real-time — an essential feature if you work with a remote team.

Source: IT Black Spot