Google Interland: A game that Teaches kids to be “Internet Awesome”

The internet is a great way to share content, ideas, connect with family and friends, but it sometimes used as a tool to abuse others.

In an era that the young generation specifically kids are vulnerable in accessing adult contents online is alarming. Kaspersky Lab report shows children opening websites with information about drugs, alcohol and tobacco is more often these days. That’s why Google developed a web-based game designed to teach the fundamentals of internet safety to children.

Interland is striving to teach five core internet principles around being “internet smart,” “internet alert,” “internet strong,” “internet kind,” and “internet brave.” There are four lands through which the player come up against phishers, hackers, bullies, and over-sharers.

This game is part of a broader program that’s called Be Internet Awesome, developed in conjunction with online safety bodies such as ConnectSafely, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition, and the Family Online Safety Institute.

Play the game now and teach your kids to be Internet Awesome!