Apples Home pod Speaker

New product lines are not released by apple very often. Since Steve Jobs died in 2011, there has been the apple watch and air pods, and plenty of complaints in-between.

The home pod will not be released until December, and is a limited release, and Australia is one of 3 countries to get first release. Apple is selling this product with speakers first, and smarts second.

The speaker is designed for the home, and inside this speaker comes 4 basic layers. The bottom has 7 tweeters, then going up the unit, 6 microphones for pickup of voices, a woofer and the smarts of an A8 chip. And how smart is that…? Very smart. That’s the same chip which powers the latest iPhone.

A selling point of the home pod is that it will detect audio profile of any room and play sound in a way that best fits the space. Apple states that Siri will be very aware so while music is playing, you can ask her “who’s singing” and it will get the question.

It will be able to tell you weather updates, translations and other basic information. Arguably, its not as smart as google home. However, home pod strongly emphasis on privacy. It only listens when you say “hey Siri” and sends any information back to apple cloud anonymously and encrypted. You’ll even be able to order an uber without needing to open the app. Apple doesn’t do cheap, let’s see what December brings, if it can do clever in the way it goes smart.