Chicken Scream the new Pokemon GO?

iOS app Chicken-Scream

Trending app for 2017

Chicken Scream might be the newest app you could get addicted into. It is a platform game that uses voice control to move the chicken. (like in Mario… but without the voice control). You talk or sing to make your character walk, and scream to jump into obstacles. This voice control works with either speech or song…! The choice is yours… You compare your scores with other players too, so get your friends involved!

Whilst it’s truly an addicting game, the best part of it were people are uploading videos on YouTube and social media while they’re playing the game. So watching people scream on there webcam is just the funniest part.

The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

With many people engaging into the app, downloading and uploading videos, it’s truly the trending app this 2017. Let us know what your best level you can reach!