Should I Buy a Smartphone Outright or go on a Postpaid Plan?

Admit it or not, we are all addicted to our mobile phones, and sometimes deciding how to get a good deal can be very confusing…

Lock in contract signups are generally very expensive and we may be spending well over what we need to

“There are some easy ways to save but come with a little commitment,’’ Mr Sault said.

“Most carriers provide no lock-in contracts (or month-to-month plans) which are great if you need flexibility. But you’ll find most carriers increase value substantially on a 12-month plan.

“But whether you decide to purchase a smartphone on a contracted plan or bring-your-own device with a SIM-only plan it’s always important to talk to your telco to see what deals they have on offer.”

However, telco comparison website, WhistleOut’s spokesman, Joseph Hanlon states that “there isn’t a great difference between buying a new phone on a contract or buying it outright and pairing it with a SIM-only plan these days.”

“For example, if you buy an iPhone 7 on a Virgin Mobile plan with 8GB data you’ll pay $1940 over the two-year contract.

“Alternatively, if you buy the handset from Apple and choose a cheap SIM-only plan with the same data inclusion, the two-year total starts from about $1990.”

Wi-Fi also helps us chew data, watch our dollars and mean we can opt for a cheaper phone deal.

There is now well over 900,000 Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots within Australia, allowing personal mobiles to receive unlimited free Wi-Fi data.