Trending Internet stories this 2017! Snapplication, Drones, and nuggs

Apply for job on snapchat

McDonalds' snapchat

McDonalds is well known  fast food chain around the world. It recently launched “snaplications” – Job applications over snapchat!

People can snap or take a picture with the McDonalds uniform filter. This allows you to apply for a job in MacDonalds to be sent through a 10 second video to the @Maccas account. After a user sends the snap, the company will respond with a link to the career site to complete the application.

This is a great way to reach a larger audience of young people in particular.


Police drones

Drones will fly above 30,000 runners at this years Boston Marathon. Security is a primary focus of race organisers, since blasts at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marthon, killing 3 people and injuring 260.

Internet helps man win a year’s supply of chicken nuggets

Carter Wilkerson chicken nuggets

Reno resident Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy’s on twitter, how many retweets he needed in order to get a year with free nuggets. Wendy responded, 18 million!

Currently, this post has received 407,000 retweets… and the most retweets ever recorded, was CLOSE to 18 million.



The 16 year old Carter currently has 2.38 million retweets and is still gaining more as the story is shared!

Ellen has 3.5 million retweets, followed by Harry Styles with 2.4million, and now Carter in 3rd place.. within just 5 days

The teenager has released his own line of #NuggsForCarter T-shirt – with the money promised to go towards a good cause – and is working on recruiting celebrities to his mission

Plenty of other brands have noticed the advertising opportunity, and have offered Carter many things. Including

  • A mattress company offering “food coma ready sleep pack ready”
  • United airlines offering “free flight to any Wendy’s in a country it flies”
  • Mobile phone provider offering “Year’s supply of nuggets AND more if he switched to them

Someone recently worked out, that if Carter hit his 18million, it would only cost Wendy’s $650, however 18 million retweets would be worth $72,000!