Need a 1300 business telephone number? We can help

1300 numbers are a convenient way for your customers can call at local rates from any fixed line in Australia. They are 10-digit ‘Local Call’ numbers that acts as a single point of contact for your business and can attract people from outside your local area.

How do 1300 numbers work?

These are also called ‘virtual numbers’ as they used to receive incoming phone calls and direct them to any existing phone number. Calls to your 1300 number can be redirected to your business landline, mobile, or even international phone numbers.

Why 1300 are better that landline?

1300 are virtual numbers that be can customise base in answer points on location, time of the day, or availability depending on your business needs. You can keep your 1300 number even if you relocate or move to another location. They can also provide local-rates to your customers in all of Australia wherever your business in located.

How Much Do 1300 Numbers Cost?

We at The Telco Spot can provide you 1300 number service that you can use to your business. Starting at $14.95 per month, you can customize your number base on your needs. Local, national, and mobile incoming call charges are based on the selected 1300 number plan.

Visit us today and Choose your plan and reach more customers! Choose The Telco Spot as your 1300 service number provider!