Things you need to know about Facebook’s stance to fight fake news

Information about Facebook and what to believe and how to protect yourself.

Social Media has made it easier for people to spread fake propaganda and misinform the public relating to political topics, religion and many more. Now, the biggest challenge of the social media giant – Facebook is how to focus on dealing with fake news. Some of the tactics people use include sharing of incorrect news sites, fake blogs, and using of fake accounts to spread these sites are common in place.

To fight these malicious practices, Facebook just recently announce their platform in dealing with the spread of fake news and false propaganda. They said that they’re now developing new technologies to find fake accounts in its network.

The company also said it will increase its security measures in protecting people from purposeful spread of misinformation to influence the masses’ statements. This include a two-factor authentication method to prevent hackers from getting personal information into accounts. It will also notify users if they have been targeted, and provide recommendations on what to do next.

The social media giant also tells that they are working with governments to help educate individuals and better the people’s understanding of using Facebook.


We all have our own ideologies when it comes to politics, news, religion and many more. Given the fact that our developing technology changes the way we live specifically on how we communicate, people tend to abuse these progressions for their own benefits. Hacking into your own accounts and using it to manipulate others may be the worst-case scenario you can experience. Thankful enough, Facebook is putting a lot of effort in their security to prevent fake news and hacking.

But it’s for us – the end users, have the full capacity to make sure no personal data can be stolen from us. Keep in mind to not share your information to the public and only follow pages that are authentic. And lastly, don’t get fooled by news articles that seemed to tamper your own thoughts and interfere the principles of basic journalism.