The Benefits of connecting to NBN

What is NBN?

The nbn™ (National Broadband Network) is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network. It is one of the most advanced technology projects in Australia. Designed to provide access to all the benefits of fast internet services, wherever you live. It features wired connections via Optical Fiber and wireless connections using 4G LTE.

Why upgrade to NBN?

  • Simultaneous Connections – Your family can enjoy continuous fast internet speeds even with lots of devices connected at once.
  • The Best Multimedia platform – nbn™ means nonstop entertainment. Enjoy quick access to the content you want whenever, wherever you want. With fast access through your Smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and computers, nbn™ is just you need.
  • Smooth Video Conference – a fast and reliable internet connection allows you to enjoy face to face calling of your loved ones or for your business ventures.
  • Learning anytime, and anywhere – The best thing you can offer you your child is education. Whether you need fast access to online University course, learn new skill or hobby in YouTube, nbn™ is you best option when it comes to fast internet.

Now you know that nbn™ is the future it’s the time for you now to consider an upgrade. We at The Telco Spot offers wide range of nbn™ connections and services that best benefits your family. Just inbox us, call us, or visit us personally and were here to assist you!